I did it!

Yeppers. I went ahead and did it. House is sold, I am in the motorhome in a campground. I gave notice to my job that I am leaving on Sep 1. All the planning and fear and excitement has become reality. I am excited and scared.
I know I know. I need to keep this updated regularly. I will try and do a better job.
First stop is Orlando for a few days to go visit the Mouse. Then off to Myrtle Beach. Will be doing a motorcycle trip then visit some family. From there will be headed to the mountains to do some leaf peeping. Tentatively headed back to FL after that and spend the winter down there where the weather is the best.

It has been a while x2?

Yes, it has been a while. I am still here and still retiring. Had lots to do and things to think about.
I went though lots of thinking and decided to keep the RV I have. I did lots of work and upgrades. Spent a little more money than I wanted but I have a great RV to live out the rest of my days in. But I am almost ready to actually retire. I’ve struggled more with that damn depression thing but right now I feel better than I have in years. Many years!
The house is going up for sale shortly.
Just wanted to touch base and say hi I am still here.

Decisions decisions

I know it has been a while again. the holidays came and went. Work was super busy. This week I am taking a vacation to the Florida Keys. I was at the Tampa RV Super Show. It was simply a perfect days. I have never seen it as crowded as this. That gets me thinking, is it going to be too late to take advantage of free camping in boondocking sites? Are there just too many people embracing the full time RV lifestyle? Then there is the whole stock market fiasco of late. Well, I hope not because my whole plan of retiring early hinges on that. Ugh. Retirement is really been put on the back burner for a few years unless there is some remarkable comeback in the stock market. I have also been considering having a small home base here in Florida. I am selling a lot of stuff and it give me extra cash for upgrade to the RV. But a home base would allow me to keep many things I really want to keep but don’t have the weight to keep them in the RV. So, maybe I will have to keep working for a few more years because of the decline in the stock market. If I do I will take the extra time to think about and squirrel away the extra monet for a small coach type house and a pad for me to spend the winters in FL at my own s&b house. Decisions decisions

It’s been a while

Well, it has been a while. I have been busy busy busy. Finally work has be actually doing work. That is a good thing.
Also, I purchased the RV. I went through the ups and downs and even buyers remorse. In the end I am good with the purchase. I got a decent deal on an almost new rig. It’s only six months old. It has most of what I wanted. So, that is where I have been. The first weekend in the RV in the dealership’s lot. The next week I left the RV there because there were some items needing to be worked on. Fianlly I tool it home and put it in a storage lot. The following weekend I dragged it out of storage and did some minor work on things. Read though the manuals and just figured things out.. Oh, and made sure the batteries were charged. If I leave the house batteries connected there is enough of a drain to bring it down by 50% in a week. Not too surprising with all the electronics in a new RV.
So, that is all for now. Wanted to check in and give an update.
Good stuff. See you next time!


Ahhhhh, it’s been a little bit since I posted last. Wow, lots of changes have gone through my mind.

First – I went through a little bit of panic. Did I say I was a planner? Yeah yeah yeah, I am sure I have, once, twice, yeah, a lot. Ok, so I am planning, doing my due diligence and research. A light bulb goes on and I start wondering. How much Stuff am I going to be able to bring with me??? Not only am I a planner but I am a pack rate (sort of). It comes from my Dad I am sure. He grew up in the Great Depression so he saved everything because one day you might be able to use it again. Hah! This light bulb then leads be to CCC and cubic feet of storage space in an RV. If you are thinking about selling everything (everything can be a subjective word) and heading out to an RV this is something you need to at least think about. I have 3 class a’s on my short list. Not saying which ones yet. We can leave that for another post. I need something to write about in the next 18 months, right? Yes, it’s still 18 months! Off I go to the local Largest RV Dealership in the world. I take pictures of all the weights of the 2 short list RV’s. I know I know. I said 3 short list RVs before now I said two. It’s not a typo. The two coaches (why they call it a coach is beyond me. I suppose a Google search would tell me why. Maybe that’s another post?). Panic overwhelms me. Some of the CCC weights are only 1500 lbs. I know there is no way I can whittle down all my possessions to 1500 lbs. And then deduct the weight for water???? That’s 8.33 lbs. per gallon of water. Nope, I’m in trouble. that was a whole weekend of researching all this. Many many posts on IRV2.com and Google searches on weights for the RVs I am looking at. Work is slow too so I can search search search and read read read there.

I start thinking maybe a motor home is not able to carry the weight. I then spend a whole weekend researching fifth wheels and their weights. Maybe this is the way to go? Research, hours walking the lots of RVs, and it is so hot in Florida in the summer! Push come to shove and fifth wheels will typically have more CCC that a motorhome but it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Motorhomes will almost have more things in them that I want. Add the fact I don’t want to own and rive a pickup as my primary vehicle and my decision is made. Oh, also, the cubic feet storage issue in a fifth wheel will usually be smaller than motorhomes (at least int he classes of vehicles I am looking at. Back to researching motorhomes.

Ok, so I say, wait, don’t panic,,,yet. Do some more sue diligence. Make a list of everything you want to bring. Ugh, that is easier said than done. I have been working on that task for over a week now. This is another great exercise for someone like me. I am into the details. I list all the items I want to bring (maybe another post with a nice spreadsheet???). I weigh the items that I have and look up more of the ones that are on Amazon. I love Amazon. I may work there one holiday season just because (another post topic?). Back on topic. The list. The list is an ongoing project. I have the weight included on the list. Some items I don’t own yet (like a tow bar, portable water softener, satellite dish, solar panels, blah blah blah) so I also include the process. I am really happy with the results of this. I now have an idea on weight and a cost of things I need to buy. The biggest conclusion out of this exercise? my weight of things to bring along are 1700 lbs so far. I am pretty close and I am sure there is more to add but I am close.

After all that research I find another RV and add it to the short list. The thing about this new RV is that I really like it! It has a different layout than the others I was looking at. For a single guy this layout is so much more convenient. The others had 1.5 baths. This one has 1 and it is the same length on the same size chassis. That all means more CCC! I can bring pretty much what I want. This is all good. It was a bunch of time but well worth it.

With all that research I also found the least expensive way to purchase a new RV. Rvdirect.com has some awesome prices. I email them and I get a price of 35% off MSRP of the RV I want! What this means is I am just a little over budget and this will be for a new RV outfitted just the way I want. I am thinking about buying it now. Time for a little more number crunching. Nut that means there is not really a way to back out. Well, there is, but it would be pretty expensive.

That was a long post for me. I hope it is comprehensible. My mind goes at 100 mph sometimes and I simply can’t type fast enough. There is so much more I want to write about but for now, that’s all folks. unitl next time. Be happy and safe out there!

Life Really is Short and there are NO Guarantees

It was a short week at work. I was fortunate enough to have a wedding to go to back where I grew up. I left early on Thursday and on a jet plane zipping up the coast to my hometown for my nephew’s wedding. I didn’t think of the emotions and how they might effect me. Effect me they did.

My current position allows me a lot of freedom to what I want to do most of the day. I research this and read about that. I don’t do a whole lot of work. This is quite different than what I have done my entire adult life. Up until the end of last year all I did was work. Work work work. I was pretty successful in business. Not so much in my personal life.  Divorced after only 4 and a half years left me traumatized to say the least. My family has not seen divorce often. Mom and Dad were married until the passed. They came from large families, 8 and 5 siblings I believe. They all had many kids so I had many cousins, aunts and uncles. I know of only 2 from that long blood line that ever were divorced. Raised Catholic and never thought I would be divorced. But I am and much better now. It took me a number of years though. Divorce left alone and I believe this is when I became an introvert, a loner of sorts.

The wedding was spectacular. Seeing and being with family was also great. I have not been together with this much family in years. Typically I would see this whole group at least once a year for Christmas Eve. Italians have this gathering with the feast of seven fishes (or something like that). I am of Italian descent and Mom always wanted the whole family together. The whole family meaning anyone alive from her side of the family. I have not been attending for a number of years now. Again, that introvert rearing it’s ugly head.

I am writing this post to lay the foundation of why I am headed down the path I am. It was great to see everyone. I was sad to go and it made me think whether or not I am doing the right thing retiring into a nomad lifestyle. I believe so though. It was good to have the emotions kick in and still believe one is making the right decision.

Enough for now.

The planning continues – Even with doubts

The weekend has come and gone. I spent a few hours looking at 2 specific Class A RVs. Did I say I am a planner? There is good and bad in that. Allegro 36LA or Bounder 35K. Without doubt the Tiffin wins. There does seem to be a significant difference in prices. You know what they say, you get what you pay for. I only have so much in the budget. And it seems the Tiffin is just out of reach. I do stick to my budget. I am putting the cart before the horse though. 18 months to go. Many things can change right? I could hit the lottery? Or not.

No one out there knows me. I will say I am a sap. Put me in front of a tear jerker and the tears will just flow.  I suppose one reason I am so apt to sell everything and head out on the road in an RV is because I have so roots. I’ve tried but life just got in the way I suppose. Or I just didn’t want to. Why did I go off on that tangent?

I’ve been at the searching for the right RV thing for a few weeks. Did I say I was a planner? I spent the time today measuring the basement storage bays. I want to know what I have room for and what I don’t. Crazy, I know. But that is me.

Selling stuff is going well. Even though one must deal with the crazies. I had one that wanted me to deliver an item I was selling for $5. OK, I think I need a drink.  Enough for now. More details later…

Hello world!

At 50 years of age I finally decided it’s time to put in place an 18 month plan to retire. Or, well, pretty much retire. More on that later. Why am I about to put all my thoughts out there for the world to read and see? I like to help people. Maybe someone will read this and find a common thread. They will find some comfort in knowing others struggle with simple things in life and they are not alone. They might read something that helps them make a decision that enhances their life.  Also, for myself to document this journey I am about to begin.

This new chapter in my life will see me selling almost everything I own and heading out to a full time rv’ing lifestyle. I’ll write about the process of getting to that (what some people would call a drastic) decision. There will be more about the steps to get to retirement and finally getting on the road.

Enough for now. More to come soon.